Steep wines.

Steil presents: Wines for palate pleasures!

Dear wine lovers and climbing enthusiasts! Boulderhalle Steil expands its bistro range with three spectacular wines. We are pleased to present the latest taste sensations from the renowned Spindler winery in the picturesque Palatinate region. These noble drops go by the names “Bouldering”, “Alpine” and “Free Solo”. These three will climb your taste buds.

The protagonists

Let’s start with our first climbing wine, the “Bouldering”. This unusual drop is an individual wine entry, with a light body and delicate fruit. But still as powerful and robust as a bouldering professional climbing the steepest rocks. This dry Riesling will playfully challenge your palate. Proceed with caution, as this wine has the potential to catapult your taste buds up a steep slope!

Next we have the “Alpine” – another dry Riesling from which you can taste great experience and a complex interplay of physical condition. This one will have you soaring in the peak regions of taste with its freshness and vibrancy. This High Peak wine is selectively handpicked and can literally take you to the top with its energy. Enjoy this noble drop and feel the refreshing breeze of the vineyards on your tongue.

And finally, we have the “Free Solo” – a dry Pinot Gris, bold and fearless like a Free Solo climber. The in it dwells the right balance of body, mind and gravity. It will thrill you with its sensual character and make you feel that anything is possible. This stunning wine comes without any treatment & filtration.


We would like to emphasize that these wines are not only for climbing enthusiasts. They are also perfect for relaxing at Boulderhalle Steil after a hard day of climbing, or just spending a social evening with friends.

So, grab a glass and experience the magic that unfolds between the vines and the climbing holds. Pick up wines in our Bistro der and be enchanted by the Bouldering, Alpine and Free Solo wines. It will be a treat you won’t soon forget!

Please note: please do not climb after drinking alcoholic beverages!