League Update.

Some more information about the Boulder Bundesliga!

This is a league update for all people interested in the Boulder Bundesliga in boulder gym Steil in Karlsruhe

The clock is ticking and we are rapidly approaching the start of the Boulder Bundesliga at Steil. So here’s a league update for you to keep you up to date.

League start aka kick-off

On Saturday, April 6th we will open our doors as usual at 9.00 am. The Bundesliga starts at 10 am. Anyone coming to us for the first time and wanting to boulder must register as a new customer. This can be done on site or online. You can find the link here:

Daily schedule

From Saturday you can then spend almost the whole day and another 6 weeks bouldering and giving your best. Why almost?

Quite simply: the results of the day will be compiled from 5.00 pm and the day’s final, the so-called Deutschland Cup, will begin at 6.00 pm. 

Afterwards you must not leave the event in a hurry, otherwise you would miss the subsequent party with two DJs!

Parking lots

The Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe only has a limited number of parking spaces for visitors. We therefore ask you not to use several parking spaces with large campers. You will usually always find a parking space along the road to the north or under the bridge opposite the Westbahnhof station.


We have of course made provisions and will be offering you plenty of food in our bistro. In addition to the usual menu, there will also be pasta salad and cake for you on April 6th. 

Further information

For more details, you can read our article about the Steile League. Here we explain what the Boulder Bundesliga is all about.

We hope this little league update has shed some light on the subject and dispelled any last doubts as to whether you should come.

Because we won’t be getting together this young and this steep again.

Best regards from Team Steil.